Senin, 15 September 2008

Risk Management and Money Management Essentials

By: Altaf Sahibzada

investment has some risk. Some are extremely risky and many have mild elements of risk. In view of the risk element present in any investment, risk management assumes great importance.

Systematic And Unsystematic Risk

While the former is more applicable to an economy as a whole the latter is more relevant to a particular company. Any company may be suffering because of bad management and this is curable. So while one may not have any control over systematic risks, one can manage unsystematic risk.

Investors are generally known to minimize their portfolio risk through long term forward contracts, carrying swaps, cross hedge and carrying diversification.

The principles

Risk concerns the overall impact and probability of a specific outcome. Principles of risk and money management vary from individual to individual and investor to investor in type and importance. Depending upon their specific condition, professionals generally put forth the following principles:

Testing of Market Strategies

One should constantly test and adjust one's portfolios. There is no certainty which particular method can minimize the risk more than others. Therefore, investors should constantly test the market conditions and arrive at the best method.

Understanding The Business

One should be clear about the business and the investment that one undertakes. Merely by understanding them well can eliminate many a risks. One should be knowledgeable and experienced in one's pursuits. This demands some time investment in educating oneself.

Minding Cash Flow

Any investment should have sound cash flow. This should be a priority. Investors should always ensure that their cash flow is adequate and growing.

Professional Help

One should not be afraid of taking expert and professional help. One should also hire best talent around. By ensuring quality team around, the chances of mistakes and wrong decisions get reduced. This will minimize risk to a considerable extent.

Keep Fixed Costs Low

These can be a major factor in the profitability of any investment. These can constitute a major chunk of the expenses. Ways should be found in order to reduce fixed costs.

Avoid Glamour

One should avoid a show off. There is no place for going after glamour and show. One should always pursue sound principles of investment and not try to go after glamour or to impress others. There can be no greater advice than minding your own business. Glamour may sell for a short time but not for ever.

Develop Proper Systems

By constant error and trial, investors should develop systems that are easy and least expensive to use. These should be improved as the time goes by.

Buy At a Profit

Many successful investors have shown that profits can be made right at the time of buying an investment. Efforts should be made to obtain bargains. Most often profits can be made at the time of buying and not selling.

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