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Jennifer Love Hewitt on boobs, bums and Ghosts

Darren Devlyn

December 17, 2008 12:00am

JENNIFER Love Hewitt has had a rollercoaster year. But after getting engaged and being trashed by a glam-rag for her full figure, she figures it's time just to act.
It should have been the happiest time of Jennifer Love Hewitt's life.

An engagement ring sparkling on her finger, Hewitt and actor fiance Ross McCall were immersed in the laid-back lifestyle of Maui's Grand Wailea Resort.

This romantic perfection was shattered, however, when Hewitt discovered a photographer had taken snaps of her as she emerged from the turquoise waters lapping the shore of the Pacific island.

Accompanying the pictures in a magazine was the headline ‘‘We Know What You Ate This Summer''.

Hewitt, star of Ghost Whisperer, was so mortified by the attack she responded with this statement:
‘‘ What I should be doing is celebrating some of the best days of my life and my engagement to the man of my dreams . . . I know what I look like and so do my friends and family. And like all women out there should, I love my body. To all girls with butts, boobs . . . and a waist, put on a bikini -- put it on and stay strong.''

When she arrives on the Los Angeles set of Ghost Whisperer for an interview Hewitt is, in a sense, out and proud.

You begin to wonder if there's a paramedic nearby because men, and even a few women, are gasping uncontrollably at the sight of her not-insignificant cleavage.

Asked if she's happy for Ghost Whisperer to trade on her sex appeal Hewitt, 29, explains the importance of having a sense of occasion when it comes to wardrobe.

She also says it's critical to remember that though the show has proved popular with males aged 18-34, it also appeals to families.

Hewitt, who once joked, ‘‘I just accepted them (breasts) as a great accessory to every outfit'', explains: ‘‘We (Hewitt and Ghost Whisperer producers) all sat down and made a conscious effort that this season is not going to be so much about cleavage as it has been in the other two seasons.

‘‘For me, it (showing off her body) is fine and I get it. But I've been working really hard trying to be a good actress on the show. So you know what? I would really rather take some of that stuff (revealing outfits) away and see if I can still entertain people as much without it being about boobs. I wanted to give that a try for a while because that might be good for my confidence. And so far it's been OK.

‘‘I think people still enjoy the show. There's just less of that (boobs). It's still on the show, but it's at more appropriate times. Like when he (screen husband played by David Conrad) and I are going to bed and I'm no longer around children and talking to them with, like boobs up to here (Hewitt cups her hands and holds them to her chin), which was inappropriate. So we calmed it all down a bit.''

Hewitt is adamant she's no calorie counter. And though she tries to take good care of her skin, she's no good at committing to physical training in order to stay in shape.

Her self-esteem was boosted when she discovered yoga.

‘‘I'm not good at going and spending time in a gym working on what I look like,'' she says.

‘‘I have a really hard time with that. I think it's because most of my day here is spent with a camera in my face, so the last thing I want to do when I get off work is go concentrate on what I look like.

‘‘In fact, I run from mirrors in my house. The great thing about yoga is it's all about an inner beauty and not really about developing a perfect body or a perfect shape or a perfect weight.''

Hewitt, as with her Ghost Whisperer character Melinda Gordon -- a woman who helps the dead deliver messages to living loved ones -- has a staunch belief in the supernatural.

In researching her role, Hewitt sat with medium James Van Praagh, a producer on the show who helps its writers construct plotlines. It's understood Van Praagh helped Hewitt make contact with a friend, Alan, who died when Hewitt was 12.

‘‘I'm a believer,'' Hewitt says of the spiritual world.

‘‘I've had a couple (of experiences) that have made me believe.

‘‘I'm sort of a control freak and for me death is a concept that's always been very difficult. Now I'm like, ‘wait a minute, I go on (in the spirit world)'. If there really is a different adventure afterwards, then that is a lovely thought.''

Love Hewitt has visited plenty of psychics. Most, she says, have come across as genuine.

‘‘I've only gone to highly recommended people,'' she says. ‘‘It's been cool what they have said. One told me I was going to get this show and told me the name of it before the show had a name. She told me how long it would go, and so far that's looking possible.''

Hewitt might not be afraid of ghosts, but she does have her fears.

‘‘I'm afraid of bugs. I'm afraid of chicken fat. Hate it. I'm afraid of birds. I'm slightly claustrophobic. I'm afraid of heights. What else am I afraid of? I'm afraid of falling in love and being crushed to pieces.''

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