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John 3:16 -- Latest Bible Verse to Be Featured On Tim Tebow's Eye Black

Posted Jan 9th 2009 1:20AM by Tom Herrera (author feed)
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It's no secret that Tim Tebow is passionate about expressing his Christian faith. In fact, he's so passionate that he's used eye-black markings this season as a way to share the scripture with others. During the BCS championship game, it was time for John 3:16:

You may have seen Tebow previously feature Philippians 4:13 during games, which reads "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Tebow's religious expression has been a big part of the wholesome image we see described in every single feature written about him. But not everyone has been a fan of his use of eye-black patches to get the message across:

But I have to wonder if his coaches or NCAA officials would allow him to have "There Is" "No God" written on his eye black below his right and left eyes. I imagine that these personal slogans will soon be banned.

There's been similar points raised in stories published recently. David Whitley of the Orlando Sentinel writes:

Others feel religion and sports should not mix. "Why must he rub it in my face?" they ask.

And in The Tennessean:

Still, there's something strange about the alliance of modern sport and religion.

In my personal opinion, while it may be hard to ignore Tebow's display, it's nowhere near enough of an issue to start ranting about it. I believe in God, but consider myself to be in the group "spiritual but not religious." If Tebow wants to put his Christian faith on a pedestal, so be it -- it doesn't distract me in the slightest. And for viewers who might think it's a bit too much, the remote control is at your side.

So what do you think about Tebow's show of faith? Is it a bother or no big deal?

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