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2009: a Time for Change at Home & Beyond

By: Suz C | Posted: Dec 19th, 2008

Every year, we all resolve to change many aspects of our lives, our goals, and ourselves. After all, who doesn't appreciate a fresh start or a new beginning? The problem lies in the notion that as human beings, we naturally procrastinate. Many people are proponents

of the motto, "There's always tomorrow". This, my friends, is not always true. While the expression certainly allows us to justify buying time and rationalizing shortcomings, it certainly does not help us to achieve any goals that we set for ourselves.

I will spare you all cliches and any pessimistic thoughts, but I will bestow upon you a new motto, "Today is tomorrow". And I will challenge you to live up to and to follow through with accomplishing all of your intended objectives. Moreover, I will challenge you to set tangible goals, objectives that can actually be accounted for and measured. Many people strive to become happier people - sure this is legitimate, but its lack of clarity & definition leaves your goal very open-ended. Finding a new job, opening a new business, and volunteering are all extremely credible objectives; but without a predetermined time frame, they become somewhat null. Fill this void by creating practical time lines with tangible deliverables.

If there were ever one definitive year to truly pursue your goals, then this is the year. [Hint: if you say this to yourself every year, then you might be pleasantly surprised by the motivation that you accrue and the productivity levels that you reach.] With the recent election of our nation's next President, 2009 is all about change. In one way or another, many of us have lent a hand in shaping the American future, now what about aggressively seeking out & shaping personal growth as well?

Remember all of those DIY home improvement projects you had vowed to accomplish last year? Well, this year is the time to actually tackle them. If you begin by thinking small and looking at each project as a task rather than an inconvenience, then you'll see how much of an impact your attitude truly has on your achievements.

Start simply by adding some character to your bathroom. Simple changes can deliver a multi-faceted impact. Adding a unique set of bath rugs with a matching shower curtain, and various other accents can infuse immediate charm & a warm ambiance into one of the most highly trafficked rooms in the home. With bathroom products available in sets or as bath in a bag options, it's very easy to find a color scheme & pattern that will work within your home with just one stop. From soap dishes to towel sets to tumblers and much more, you can easily create the most inviting bathroom in the neighborhood. Though, don't be afraid to tell your neighbors that you'd prefer they use their own loo whenever possible.

Upgrade your bedding. You've been saying for years that you need new linens, a new comforter set, and updated window treatments - now is the time to make this dream become a reality. Your bedroom is your safe-haven, and you should do whatever it takes within reason to create the sanctuary that you deserve. The place that you retire to at the end of the day should reflect your personality, but also achieve maximum comfort levels.

Revisit your kitchen. Try to stop looking at this room as a place for chores like cooking and cleaning, and try to start viewing it as your very own artistic space. After all, the kitchen delivers some of the most creative pieces within the home. Adding accents like coffee mug trees, country-themed curtains, practical canister sets, breadboxes, tablecloths and much more, can infuse a sense of fun & originality into an otherwise mundane space.

These are just a few simple suggestions for improving the look and feel of your home's interior. You know what will work best, so just set aside some time for yourself and the rest will fall into place - if you believe, you can achieve. Just remember that small changes can go a long way.

The Popular Home Collections team would like to wish you & yours a safe, healthy, and happy New Year!
About the Author:
Suz C is a part-time writer for Popular Home Collections, a service that strives to provide those with a passion for home decor with interior design patters & color schemes that will help you complete the look of your home.

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