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Bathroom Decoration in Limited Space

By: Article Manager | Posted: May 30th, 2008

A bathroom is the hardest work station in the house along with the kitchen. However, some people do not give a needed attention in its decoration and maintenance. In the plan of home decoration, bathroom decoration gets the last place in the list. But with the changing trends, people are taking interest in decorating this small corner of the house. This tiny place is used for varied purposes; from washing to laundry and cleaning. Apart from the regular activities, bathrooms are also perceived as the best suited place for relaxation, resting and recovering from the tensions and tiredness of the whole day.

A soothing look of the bathroom can bring a refreshing feel to the person. A bathroom is the first place which a person normally visits first in the morning. And, a refreshing feel in this space can make him feel good to move for the day ahead. In decorating a bathroom, small things need to be considered. The placement of things like sink, bathtub, shower, toilet and other items should be made keeping in mind their functions and utility.

Normally, bathrooms were allotted a small space in the house and installing all the things in this space can make it look cluttered. Therefore the selection of items and their placements should be made considering the availability of space. A comfortable spacious bathroom decoration could prove to be a challenging job for the bathroom decorator. And, if you are planning the re-decoration in your old house then it becomes more challenging to bring a modern look in the old bathroom. However, a new look can be brought in the bathroom by making a few changes in the appearance.

The concept of bathroom decoration involves various things to be changed. One can change the paint of the walls in a designer way. You can add borders around the windows, ceiling and mirror. If your walls are in good condition then this work could be done with the help of a stencil and pencil. Draw the simple design around the baseboard with a catchy color contrast. The other option to give an innovative look to the walls is by adding the paper on the wall. But select the paper which is appropriate for the humid areas and could stay on the wall for a period of time. There are some basic things to be installed in almost all the bathrooms. However, if the space is available, one can also install sauna room, mirrors and storage cabinets for toiletries and other things of general use in bathroom.

The other thing of consideration in the bathroom decoration is the limited amount of budget. The customer should decide the amount to be spent in advance and make the selection of the accessories within the planned budget. Plan your bathroom decoration as per the availability of space and allowances.
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