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Fix Up the Bathroom and Remodel

By: David Marc Fishman | Posted: Mar 15th, 2007

As you embark on your home improvement project, it's tempting to jump straight into the fun part, shopping. When looking for new fixtures for the bathroom one of the best places to look is the home improvement store, they carry hundreds of makes, styles and models. There are many home improvement projects, but few can provide the benefits remodeling your bathroom. Most older bathrooms are built without a shower so planning the bathroom remodel with a shower will take more time. Plan will before trying to tackle the shower and remodel it, create a budget, and keep in mind of the space you have to work with. In any bathroom remodeling, the task most often starts with the shower or bathtub.

Before you get started be sure to make a bathroom supply list before the work on the new bathroom design. Installing heated floors is a fantastic option to add to any bathroom, coming out of a shower and feeling the warm floor on your feet gives you a great feeling, plus by doing this it is a great feature for resale if you ever decide to sell your home.

There is software you could use to design your bathroom. Designing the bathroom is a must, because without the design you will know what you are doing in the bathroom. When starting your own bathroom remodeling makeover you need to take the time to find someone who will be ready and willing to help you, as everyone knows construction projects always take longer than expected.

By planning a bathroom remodeling project you can accomplished all sorts of things a shoestring budget and still look like you’ve completely transformed the room. Consider your budget at this stage and also prioritize the aspects you want to remodel. An indicator of how much a bathroom remodel will cost will vary from $ 3,500 to $ 10,000. Create a budget plan and make sure that all elements are included for the make over.

Laying out the site and building the foundation. Building works - walls, widows etc. This is the task that most people put off until the last minute because it doesn't seem important when you are making decisions about building work and bathroom fixtures.

Installing new baseboard heating elements, on the other hand, typically involves the cost of an entire new heating element and a plumber. It is a good idea to replace the toilet, this is not an expensive acquisition but a smart one, toilets are very inexpensive and it will the bathroom the new feel.

A good set of plans will be a great help when hiring a contractor, and it will help the contractor more easily visualize the finished bathroom. Keep in mind when remodeling a bathroom you might need to move utilities, you will need to know where the electrical and water lines are and show the contractor where you want them to move them.
Make sure you find the right people or contractors to do the job, sometimes it is difficult finding the right people so you need to ask around and find out from others who they have used and see if they are right for you.
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