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How to Create a Contemporary Bedroom

By: Jessica Whittaker | Posted: Sep 24th, 2008

Our bedrooms are our quiet places, our havens away from the busy world. Therefore, it's very important to choose comfortable, attractive bedroom furniture that we can enjoy as we relax. Some people enjoy traditional settings, while others take a minimalist approach to bedroom d├ęcor. For the latter group, here are some helpful tips for making the most of a contemporary bedroom.

Contemporary bedroom furniture can be a blend of all sorts of influences and styles. The most important consideration is the quality of your furniture. Look for high quality pieces that can be tied together with a few bold splashes of color or unique textures. Clean lines and neutral shades will provide an uncluttered backdrop for your contemporary bedroom furniture. To strike the perfect balance between the sleek lines of your furnishings and the warmth that every cozy bedroom needs, follow the decorating tips below.

Keep the Background Simple

When you've got interesting contemporary bedroom furniture, you want it to be the room's central focus. Don't force it to compete with busy drapes, gaudy wallpaper designs, and brightly-colored carpets. Instead, keep things simple by painting your walls a neutral color. Go for hardwood floors in natural finishes or carpeting in beige or taupe. If you use drapes or curtains, choose sheer fabrics in pale, solid colors. You want your walls and floor to serve as the easel on which your bedroom furniture can be displayed to full effect. Too much color in the background will detract from the beauty of your contemporary furnishings.

The Bed is Your Masterpiece

If your bedroom is a gallery of contemporary furniture, then the bed itself should be your masterpiece. When we walk into a bedroom, our eyes are naturally drawn to the bed. Its solid presence imposes on the empty space and grabs our attention. What better place to display bold colors and modern designs? Look for headboards and frames in unique styles. Depending on the colors in your bedroom scheme, you could choose a pine sleigh bed style or a slick headboard featuring black-lacquered scrollwork. Then add to the dramatic flair by combining different colors on top of the bed. You might choose a navy blue sheet set with a clean, white duvet. Or you could pair black sheets with crimson pillow shams and a silver duvet. There are countless color and pattern combinations that will make your bed worthy of its central location.

Go Easy on the Accents

Now you've got a clean, neutral room with a striking bed. What's next? Choose accents that complement but don't compete with your bed. For instance, if your bed frame is metallic, choose stools and tables made from similar metals. If you have a lacquered headboard, look for an armoire or bookshelf with the same finish. Keep the lines of your accent pieces simple so that your room retains its sleek, minimalist appeal. An art-deco clock or a pair of interesting modern art pieces will finish off the room nicely. And don't forget about plants; they make marvelous decorations, plus they add oxygen to the air to help you sleep better at night.
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