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How to Create a Personalized Headboard

By: Ben Weissman | Posted: Nov 3rd, 2008

Personalization of your headboard makes a statement and allows you to be creative, and can be done for your kids bedroom, or for your own. There are several easy, affordable ways to add style and character to your bedroom without a lot of investment in time. You can use the existing headboard you have, purchase a new one or even make your own. The only thing holding you back from creating a functional, good looking design is you.

One way to personalize your bedroom furniture would be to add some fabric to it. Upholstered headboards are very popular choices, but you can make your own. Just about any old one can be wrapped in batting and covered in fabric. This allows you to choose a fabric you enjoy, perhaps a favorite color or a child's favorite cartoon character. This is perhaps the most drastic way to personalize their bedroom, but it definitely leaves an impression. For something even more unique, choose leather headboards!

Another way to personalize your bedroom furniture is to add some storage to it. Bookcase headboards are fantastic because they allow you plenty of room to store pictures, knick knacks and collections. Wood, metal or other materials can be used. Bookcases can be purchased, shelves can be added next to the bed or you can purchase one with a bookcase already built into it. Personalize it with your own individual touches.

Let's get out there and go crazy, though. If you are planning to make your own furniture, there are many materials you can use.

Use a piece of plywood that is covered with wallpaper in your favorite theme to add character to your bed. Prints like a floral, geometric shape or even stripes will look fabulous. Use a quilted bedspread, with backing, for a country style look, especially with a patch pattern. Use wrought iron headboards available to you and dress them up. Wrap flowers throughout them, making a garden like display for your headboard.

Personalizing your bedroom furniture doesn't mean you need to pull out the scissors and the hot glue gun. Instead, look for a ready made headboard that works with your style. Your bed design should represent you. So, if you just love the look of real wood, choose a wooden one that speaks to you, perhaps in the grain or the staining or the cut of the wood. Another option is to consider having decorative touches added to your furniture. You may want to have initials carved into the wood, perhaps even a family seal. A fine piece of furniture can be personalized like this locally.

Personalize your room in whichever way works for you. Look for inspiration in already made pieces, or purchase a simple wooden headboard and add to it when it arrives at your home. Decoupage family photos on it. Add fabric to it. There are many ways to get the image you are looking for to come through. Be as creative as you would like to. In the end, it is your style and your bedroom furniture.
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