Kamis, 19 Maret 2009

Wall Packs--Outdoor Commercial HID & Metal Halide Wall Pack Lighting Fixtures

By: R. Neal
The best way to determine the type and number of wall packs your client is going to need is to have RLLD Commercial Lighting conduct a detailed photometric analysis of your client’s facility. We have invested heavily in some of the world’s most advanced lighting design software that will enable us to calculate the necessary foot-candle density around the building, the lumens per watt efficiency necessary to keep your client in compliance with local lighting codes, and the positive economic impact that more efficient fixtures will have on your client’s facility.

By making these determinations first, we can help you narrow down the options to the wall packs that best fit the criteria required to give your client’s site the type of illumination it needs. Many of our wall packs are designed with the deliberate intention of creating security lighting around a building. Any industrial client or distribution center you are contracted by is going to want to know how these fixtures can keep their facility safe from intrusion and vandalism. Other facilities, such as public centers with a great deal of nighttime pedestrian traffic, are going to need wall packs that illuminate walkways for people to better see. Still other clients may want something decorative around the building, and wall packs can provide a very ambient and cost effective lighting source to this effect.

Finding wall packs is not difficult because there are so many models to choose from. However, finding the one that offers a near perfect fit to your client’s needs is a different matter. Our staff will be happy to go over the photometric analysis with members of your team and present multiple options for you to pass on to your clients. In this sense, we function as an adjunct consulting service as well as an equipment vendor.

All of our wall packs, too, feature some degree of energy efficiency. The ever popular metal halide lamp is now available in pulse start technology, allowing an MH wall pack to instantly power on whereas in the past it took a few moments to fully illuminate. This now makes it possible for you to integrate your clients wall packs into motion sensors that will turn on the lights that are attached to the building in addition to the flood lights around the building.

We also provide zero sight line wall packs that prevent the beams from your fixtures from being seen above the roof of your building. If you are uncertain as to the nature of dark sky laws in your client’s community, do not waste time calling city hall. Call us, and we will research local lighting regulations in detail for you.

All of our wall packs are made in the USA and backed up by manufacturer warranties. Additionally, we obtain our wall packs from a number of impartial manufacturers, not a single source. This means we have no quotas to meet and no hidden agendas in what we propose as the best possible fixtures for your client. Our recommendations are not made based upon preference for a particular manufacturer or style of fixture, but rather on the basis of determining what needs to be done for your client, then looking through our distribution channels to find the model that provides an exact match to your client’s requirements.

Because we have access to so many wall packs, you will not have to wait on parts to arrive when you obtain them from RLLD Commercial Lighting. Our special relationships with American manufacturers enable us to have your wall packs drop shipped ASAP directly to your client’s location without having to pass through third party distribution channels. This can shave as much as a month off the wait time you may normally experience when working with other suppliers that are bound to exclusive manufacturer agreements or tied to limited geographic areas.

This makes it easy to use RLLD Commercial Lighting as a streamlined channel through which you can obtain different models, wattages, and lamp options from two or more different manufacturers on a single purchase order.

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