Jumat, 09 Januari 2009

Asher Roth: Chris Llewellyn is a hero

9 January 2009
Posted by Sherwin

Rapper Asher Roth’s bass player has spoken about how he helped to subdue a man who claimed he had a bomb during a flight to Los Angeles‘ LAX airport on Wednesday.

Chris Llewellyn has now given more facts about his participation, telling the LA Times that he ran up the plane’s aisle after hearing a flight attendant screaming for help.

“We were all sitting in our seats,” said Llewellyn. “My boys had their headphones on. I turned around and got up and ran to the back of the plane.”

said six other passengers also ran to help.

“The suspect was yelling, ‘Don’t come near me, I have a bomb, I have a bomb!’ ” Llewellyn said.

“We all jumped him,” the bassist said. “He was struggling hardcore. I was holding down his arm.
Somebody had a foot on his head. Everyone was holding down a different body part. He was going nuts. I was telling him to chill because he’s not going anyplace.”

No bomb was found after the plane landed, but 45-year-old Lawrence Johnson was arrested and charged with suspicion of making a false bomb threat when the plane landed safely at LAX.

Roth told MTV that he was amazed that the tall tale of his heroic exploits had traveled so quickly, but he was grateful for Chris’ bravery.

“He held it down, dude,” he said. “He also ripped a solo on the Carson Daly show, so it was a beautiful day for him. He’s a hero.”