Jumat, 09 Januari 2009

Hamburger Helper: Is 2009 the Year of the Burger?

The Savory Staple Rebounds With Diners During Tough Economic Times
Jan. 8, 2009

With the real estate market reeling, car companies crumbling, and the economic outlook ominous, there is one delicious, juicy exception -- the burger.

The succulent, savory American staple has continued to thrive, and even grow in popularity during tough economic times.

Burgers Take Manhattan

"And it always will boom because the burger is omnipotent and irresistible," said Josh Ozersky, the national restaurant editor of CitySearch.com and author of the blog "The Feedbag." "It can never be weakened. It can never be slowed down. It can never stop its ever-increasing growth and popularity. It's the most single powerful force in the food universe."

Apparently, Ozersky is not alone in his love affair with the burger. In this economy, he has received a lot of company.