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Are You a Decorating Scaredy-Cat? Hmm, Are YOU?

Ada Gonzalez - Interior Decorator
An interior decorating guide to move FORWARD to enjoy your life.
First of all, let me acknowledge that it is okay to have fear and be a scaredy-cat. Hey, if it wasn't for fear we would easy place our hands on a hot stove. The key is to face the fear and be proactive (um, like NOT touching the flames on your stove - ouchie!) by moving forward with comfort.

Are you procrastinating from decorating your home to reflect your comfort and style? If so, what is stopping you from decorating your home to "fit" your comfort?

Is it not enough time? money? knowledge? tired when you get home? The answer - you are! You are what is stopping you from living better in your home.

My philosophy is that you obtain comfort at home from a physical (balanced furniture placement & color schemes) and mental state of relaxation (believing that you deserve to live great) - and not from expensive furniture.

You and only you have the power to do something about the comfort of your room(s). Even if you do not live alone, you can be the motivator in your household for improving your home, while making it FUN and moving FORWARD!

So how do you move forward? It's simple – think of the letters F-O-R-W-A-R-D, here's the guide:

F-ind time and make a decision to love living and enjoying your home
O-rganize your items by what you like/do not like or want/do not want
R-emove all excuses of why you can't or shouldn't treat yourself to living in comfort
W-elcome input of others, but keep the eye on the prize YOUR immediate household's comfort
A-rrange your home life to reflect your personality & the lifestyle that you WANT (not the lifestyle you currently have, reach for more luxury)
R-emember your ultimate goal (e.g.: fun living room to invite friends over, kitchen to accommodate dinner parties, bedroom to relax and read, etc).
D-esign a plan for decorating your home that matches your heart

Here are a few inspirational quotes to remind you to live happy within your home and your "self":

"Success is a journey, not a destination" - Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr. (prominent tennis player)

"the greatest motivator for me was getting started." - V.S. Naipul (nobel prize winner)

"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certain certainties" - Erich Fromm (renowned psychologist)

How boring (and quite "twilight zone" strange) would it be if you had the same exact d├ęcor 10 years from now? Same wall colors, same toss pillows on your sofa, same artwork. Hmm, a bit boring (zzzzzz) to you and your guests, huh?!

So don't be afraid to buy a particular framed art that you love NOW, and it may become a perfect gift that you pass on to someone you love in 3 years from now. As your comfort level, tastes, and style grows so should your home - to reflect your life - a successful journey living your life to the fullest potential of your current style, tastes, and preferences.

Now this doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money on furniture, it means that you decorate your home following your heart's inner desire:

* perhaps you cannot afford to have a built in Jacuzzi tub, but you can surround yourself with plush towels and a bathrobe that feels like a warm hug
* perhaps you cannot afford a new sofa, but you can slipcover your current sofa to make the room look and feel brighter and larger
* perhaps you cannot afford a new area rug for your living room, but you can paint your current old rug with colors that match the newly purchased toss pillows that you love

Make a decision to improve your home and get started (move F-O-R-W-A-R-D)! Give yourself a wishful deadline to energize yourself. Maybe even plan a dinner party with the goal that you will have a new improved home to showcase at your dinner party.

When you start feeling a fear that you may make decorating mistakes:

* embrace the fear and remind yourself that it is okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them
* get decorating tools to help guide you and help alleviate your decorating hesitance (e.g. from your local library, decorating TV shows, from us -> view our website resource page, e-book "31 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating ..." , decorating service options [Quick R00M Analyzer, Dream Design Kit])

So, take charge and be a tiger/tigress RAAAR (<- that is my tigress sound effect) and decorate your home to reflect YOU! Feel happy at home, and within your"self".

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