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Decorating Your Home With Iron Mirrors

Craig Thornburrow
Decorating with iron mirrors is a classic design "trick" that can enhance the beauty of any home. Use these tips when decorating your home with mirrors to create a more spacious, open and inviting atmosphere.
One of the easiest ways to make any room seem more spacious is to use iron mirrors or panel mirrors when decorating the walls. Mirrors are wonderful decorating tools that have long been used to catch and reflect light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room, and increasing the perceived size of the room.

In fact, one of the best reasons to use mirrors when decorating is to "open up" the available space, and make the best use of your walls. The simplest ways to do this are to hang iron nears in a foyer or entrance, on a bedroom wall, or at the end of a hallway. But mirrors can be used in many other ways when decorating your home -- some that may even surprise you.

Apartment or condo dwellers often have a limited amount of natural light available because of the layout of standard apartments. Adding a group of mirrors to walls without windows can create an open space, which gives the illusion of full-length windows.

To take this faux window decorating tip one step further, you can even mount an iron mirror inside an old window frame on the wall, and use curtains or blinds to create the optical illusions of an actual window on the wall.

In many homes, the sitting room walls are traditionally used to hang art. Walls behind sofas or recliner chairs are often decorated with prints and paintings, but you can also decorate this space with a collection of mirrors. For a modern, minimalist style, try hanging various sizes of mirrors in an informal pattern on the sitting room walls.

Besides improving the available natural light in the room, this will also lend an artsy, eclectic style to your living room. You can choose to use mirrors with the same frame types, or mix and match the mirror frame styles for a more casual, attention-getting look.

If you love antiques, and have decorated your home with many classic pieces, you will likely want to use antique-style mirror frames that will complement your existing d├ęcor. Fortunately, antique iron mirrors are plentiful at many secondhand stores, yard sales and even flea markets. Sometimes, you may even find whitewashed frames, which can be easily spruced up with a coat of paint or by applying gold leaf over the frame.

Besides using the traditional "wall of mirrors" effect, you can achieve a similar but more modern design by placing a row of tall, thin mirrors spaced evenly across one wall of the room. This "on and off" effect can be striking, and as well as giving the appearance of a much larger room, it also creates a very original light and shade pattern that can be very appealing.

But you don't have to limit your decorating with iron mirrors to walls. For example, custom fitted mirrors can be used to cover coffee tables, or even formal dining room tables. One well-known trick is to custom fit a mirror to sit on top of each lamp table in your living room. You will find that adding mirror tops beneath your lamps will substantially increase the amount of light available in the room and create wonderfully atmospheric shadows on the ceiling, similar to a "chandelier type" effect.

And there are many more simple ways to beautify your home using mirrors. Iron mirrors, in particular, are easy to decorate withFree Articles, and will make the best use of any natural light available.

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